whats mine and whats not

leaving your own home and coming to another which is also your own or so the people say. leaving your family and coming into a new one which is also yours (or your ‘real’ family as said by my husband on one of his ‘wise guy’ days). that’s the story of every Indian girl after […]

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tears come and laughter too but sometimes i wonder  if i am being true i kid myself in illusion that i dont care but my treacherous heart knows i miss what we shared i go about asserting that it was never love then why do my eyes resemble of an injured dove i search for the “one” or a casual fling but its you to whom my feelings still cling i know the fault was yours and yours alone but yet its me searching for ways to atone but deep inside theres a truth i hide “the pain is my own and mine alone”

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In the middle of the night When I grope for the light I think I miss you To your side of bed When I turn my head I think I miss you At the breakfast table Where its only me n cable I think I miss you In the rush hour When alone in my car I think I miss you Going down the road While looking at a board I think I miss you Inside the mall When I hear someone call I think I miss you Barefoot on the sand When I stretch my hand I think I miss you At the door when I turn my key And let inside solitary me I think I miss you Under the starry sky Lone in blanket when I lie I think I miss you But most of all When my beat rise n fall I know I miss you

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cynic much!!!!!

going down the road seeing an outstretched hand begging for help but we hold back thinking lest its a plot in our prayers we hold back lest god might feel we are needy and greedy a stranger smiles at you and you fear smiling back you doubt their motives to fall in love it takes […]

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away from the noise that is my own choice a nook of peace  is what i seek away from the peers who are all my dears a lonely haunt  is what i want away from their  arms their lovely warmth a place without care is what i dare away from this crowd their love so loud a solitary path is the desire of my heart   a life of loneliness my only nemesis from the taints of my sins my only hope of cleanliness

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on the look out for magic

those who seek magic must believe in it first those who want to believe in something must believe in themselves first magic comes to those who believe in it it comes to the dreamers it comes to the quixotic quirkies for it shies from the pragmatics of rationalists of the enlightened class magic of love […]

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the time stood still

 i came in this world a huge cry that i hurled but the clock hands didnt curl they moved on the time moved on  i worked in excess achieved my success but the clock ran on its axis it moved on the time moved on i felt the first rush of love my heart soared higher than the sky above but the clock hands didnt stow they moved on the time moved on i broke my heart felt my soul depart but the clock stuck to its part it moved on the time moved on then one day i saw you my beat skipped on the breathtaking view that day the clock didn’t even shew it hands stuck as if in glue the minutes the hours all lost their will  *for i had met you and the time stood still*

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