The Girl In Red

the girl in red

a beauty bred

with eyes like ocean

 her voice a love potion

this day,

stands on a cliff

her back so stiff

for it was here in the year past

she kissed her love for the time last


that day he told her nomore to wait

for he was going to meet his fate

she bid him adieu

with no tears in view

smiling she sent him away

though his words made her sway


the whole twelve month she faked her smiles

for her soul accompanied the one a far miles

she had sworn to him never to tred this way

but her heart rebelled and brought her here today


with a heavy heart she awaits,

  His boots sound

  or a blood hound 

  coz to live with him happily

  lest dying alone is her fait accompli


an escaped tear now runs down her cheek

for it got the chance since the past year it seek

but before it could hit the ground

he caught it for whom it were bound


she stood there as if in a daze

her sorrows n happiness all lost in a maze

he spread his arms awaiting her embrace

but she pushed them away n cupped his face


she caught her breath at the sight to behold

his face a mirror of her emotions untold



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